CALL FOR APPLICATION - French Embassy in Liberia


The French Embassy in Liberia has been working on development cooperation with the government of Liberia since 2012 through its Social Fund for Development (SFD).

The SFD is a specific program which aims at financing the implementation of small local development projects to the benefit of the Liberian population.

The French Embassy in Liberia seeks to hire a consultant to conduct an evaluation.
The general objective of this external evaluation mission is for the Embassy of France in Liberia to appreciate the impact of the small scale projects and the quality of their implementation, both at the field level and in a management and administration perspective.
The findings of the evaluation and the related recommendations that will be elaborated by the evaluator will help in elaborating future strategies for this funding mechanism.

The French Embassy invites consultants who would be interested and skilled to study in details the Terms of Reference and Annexes attached.

Proposals should be submitted to before Tuesday, July 1st at 9.00 am.

Please find here
the Terms of Reference
Annex 1 : Sfd projects
Annex 2 : Sfd information notice
Annex 3 : Sfd budget template
Annex 4 : Sfd Calendar Evaluation

publié le 11/06/2014

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